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Practice Leadership 101 - Complete Course

Practice Leadership 101 - Complete Course

Practice Leadership 101 - Complete Course

Mr Travis Frederickson
Mr Travis Frederickson

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The changing landscape of healthcare brings into sharp focus the necessity for dentistry to understand its
need to engage in the leadership process as well as effective management. This course is intended to
introduce the learner to what Practice Leadership is all about and the many benefits that accompany this
Practice Leadership is often a foreign concept within a dental practice, however many who “lead” practices
believe they are using leadership while actually using management. While both management and leadership
are necessary to effectively operate a practice, the scales have historically been tipped to management and
remain that way today. The benefits of leadership within a dental practice are extensive, but largely
underutilized. Practice Leadership 101 introduces the learner to the understanding of the principles of
leadership as a useful process for practice leaders.
With an understanding of these introductory principles of leadership, the learner is able to identify practices
that will serve them well both individually and for the practice. Many of the principles taught can be
immediately considered and used. As the learner practices the principles, the many benefits of utilizing a
leadership model for practice operations will emerge.
Travis A Frederickson is a speaker, author and teacher in the field of healthcare. With a focus on The Patient
Experience, Travis has learned what it takes to attract and retain patients and is able to masterfully share
those concepts with those whom he teaches. As the leader of C4 Practice Services, Travis is the architect
behind C4’s powerful training and consulting, allowing their clients to create and fulfill their Vision.


• Value the benefits of practice Leadership as applied to the business of dentistry
• Establish the value of Leadership to the dental profession
• Differentiate Leadership and management within a practice
• Comprehend & relate applicable Leadership principles
• Contemplate the applicability of Leadership to the learner’s practice
Mr Travis Frederickson

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Mr Travis Frederickson

With 30 years’ experience speaking, writing, and consulting with small businesses and government entities, Travis’s focus has been within the dental and medical professions
for the past decade. He is the founder and president of C4 Practice Services, a consulting firm focused on the Patient Experience for both dental and medical practices.

Travis holds undergraduate degrees in health education and athletic training, with advanced degrees in leadership and administration, and is formally Disney trained. Combine that education with his experience, and you will be enriched with high-quality education that can be implemented immediately with lasting results.

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