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Optimizing Outcomes of Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone.

Optimizing Outcomes of Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone.

Optimizing Outcomes of Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone.

Dr. Nicholas Luke Egbert DDS, MDS, FACP
Dr. Nicholas Luke Egbert DDS, MDS, FACP
on behalf of Reconstructive Dental Specialists of Utah

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Replacing a single tooth with an implant has become a common dental procedure; however, careful evaluation is necessary before placing implants in the esthetic zone. Thorough diagnosis and planning including the use of transposed diagnostic casts and cone beam computed tomography scans may help dentists predict the final esthetic result prior to treatment. Such diagnostic procedures may also help inform the patient of the anticipated result prior to performing any irreversible therapy. In the present cases, the primary concern was the pre-surgical location of the facial free gingival margin (FGM) of the implant-supported crown, in relation to the adjacent teeth. Steps taken to correct the position of the facial FGM prior to implant placement led to successful esthetic results.

Caution: Participants must be aware that there may be potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when they have not received supervised clinical experience or demonstrate competency


Upon completion of this course the clinician will be able to:
Objective 1:
Treatment plan both the surgical and restorative phases of dental implant treatment in esthetic zone.
Objectinve 2:
Identify key diagnostic determinants allowing predictable immediate implant placement including: adequate bone and tissue volume and quality, presence of buccal/facial plate and shape of teeth.
Objective 3:
Understand surgical techniques used to extract teeth atraumatically and surgical techniques used to shape the osteotomy and proper placement of immediate implants.
Objective 4:
Understand basic site preparation; bone grafting techniques for socket preservation, and treatment sequences.
Objective 5:
Understand the ideal surgical immediate implant placement including depth and mediolateral placement.
Objective 6:
Understand restorative techniques used to make impressions and deliver immediate and final restorations.
Objective 7:
Select modern restorative materials for restoring dental implants in the molar region.
Dr. Nicholas Luke Egbert DDS, MDS, FACP

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Dr. Nicholas Luke Egbert DDS, MDS, FACP
on behalf of Reconstructive Dental Specialists of Utah

Dr. Nicholas Luke Egbert DDS, MDS, FACP received his Bachelors of Science in Medical Biology at the University of Utah. He then completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Fascinated with complex reconstructive implant dentistry, he then pursued a full time three-year residency in Advanced Surgical Prosthodontics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
During his residency, Dr. Egbert earned his Masters of Dental Science evaluating the accuracy of CT generated dental implant surgical guides. In addition to his Masters research, he lead clinical research projects comparing the efficacy of modern bone grafting techniques. Striving to make each patient experience as comfortable as possible, Dr. Egbert is certified to provide safe, IV moderate sedation. Most importantly, Dr. Egbert is one of four board certified prosthodontists in the state of Utah. Dr. Egbert is the only board certified prosthodontist in the state who completed advanced surgical implant and bone graft training in his residency. He currently serves as the vice president of the Utah Prosthodontic Society.

Dr. Egbert maintains a private practice limited to surgical prosthodontics in Salt Lake City Utah. In October 2013, Dr. Egbert was one of 5 Dental Implant Specialist in the nation recognized by his colleagues (American College of Prosthodontics –ACP) and was awarded the “Prosthodontic Private Practice Award”. His emphasis and passion is for image-guided, digitally-assisted, dental implant treatment planning, surgery and restoration. Dr. Egbert also provides continuing education courses and lectures regularly in the community to local residency programs and study groups on various implant prosthodontic topics.

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