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1436 Local Anesthesia in Today's Dental Practice (AGD 340)

1436 Local Anesthesia in Today's Dental Practice (AGD 340)

1436 Local Anesthesia in Today's Dental Practice (AGD 340)

Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD
Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD
on behalf of American Dental Assistants Association

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The success of any dental practice largely hinges on the use of local anesthesia for patient comfort and safety. Dental assistants should have a basic understanding of local anesthesia, nerves of the oral cavity, proper methods for handling syringes, possible complications, and how to manage emergencies.


Upon completion of this course, the dental professional should be able to:
Objective 1:
briefly describe the historical background of local anesthesia for use in dental procedures.
Objective 2:
be familiar with the anatomy of the oral cavity and the methods for administering local anesthesia.
Objective 3:
understand the importance of a patient’s medical history.
Objective 4:
understand the importance of recognizing medical complications and managing emergencies.
Objective 5:
list the different types of anesthetics and their usage.
Objective 6:
demonstrate proper loading and unloading of the anesthetic syringe.
Objective 7:
discuss the regulatory issues as they apply to local anesthesia.
Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD

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Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD
on behalf of American Dental Assistants Association

Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD, is an accomplished clinician, scientist, and lecturer who retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after 23 years of federal service. She is a past author and editor of several dental publications, and a past president of the American Association of Women Dentists. As an innovator, including writing the very first 1986 CDC infection control guidelines for dental health-care workers, she continues to explore new and better ways to deliver prevention, care and treatment of the oral cavity. She consults on intraoral health and primary care and is a leading dental expert in infectious and chronic diseases and systemic-oral health issues.

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