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Suicide Prevention in Senior Living Communities

Suicide Prevention in Senior Living Communities

Suicide Prevention in Senior Living Communities

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This course provides an understanding of suicide prevention in senior living communities by raising awareness of the issue of suicide among older adults and learning how to recognize and respond to a resident who is at risk of suicide. This course emphasizes the importance of paying attention to residents' behaviors and emotions as well as the importance of communicating concerns about residents to other staff. In addition, strategies to prevent suicide in senior living communities will be addressed by providing detailed guidance on understanding whether a resident is in danger of attempting suicide and steps that should be taken to prepare for a suicide attempt or death before a crisis. Finally, residents and their family are provided an overview of emotional health among older adults, describing the warning signs of depression and suicide, providing guidance on how to respond to these warning signs, and describing how residents and their families can take advantage of senior living community activities and programs that promote emotional health.

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal.


On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Discuss how to recognize when a resident may be in danger of attempting to take his or her own life.

2. Examine how to help a resident who is in danger of suicide.

3. Explain how to promote the emotional health of all residents while also protecting them from suicide.

4. Investigate how to learn more about resident’s suicide risk by talking with them.

5. Examine how risk factors, such as depression, contribute to suicide risk.

6. Identify what to do in the event of a suicide or suicide attempt.

7. Describe depression and the importance of seeking professional help.

8. Elucidate the warning signs that indicate an older adult may be thinking about taking his or her life.

9. Discuss which everyday activities can help improve the emotional well-being of older adults.
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Industry Specialist
on behalf of Quantum Units Education

Quantum Units Education began in 2005 with a vision: to be a company with a conscience. Quantum Units Education is not your ordinary CE provider. What this means is simple: we strive to give back. We are grateful for the opportunity we have been given to help others. We want to pay it forward in caring for the environment and our community - which includes each and every customer that crosses our path. We are all in relationship with each other and with our planet. Let us think bigger, take action that creates lasting change, be innovative with our use of green technologies, engage with like-minded partners and move responsibly in our global community.

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