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Short Course on Suture Knots

Short Course on Suture Knots

Short Course on Suture Knots

Dr Anne  Sylvestre
Dr Anne Sylvestre



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Last updated: 18 Jan 2021

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Ms S W (15 Jun 2020)
Very helpful information
Caitlyn Nielsen (17 May 2020)
The videos were excellent and the voiceovers were very clear and easy to follow
Dr Tara Pogarch (9 May 2020)
Great review of knots. Good clear videos.

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These short course on suture knots explains how to properly create a square knot and a slip knot. It also demonstrates how to start and end a continuous suture pattern with emphasis on burying the knot. The course is intended to help create a more secure suture line with less swelling and irritation to the patient. Numerous videos are used to help explain the various points that being made. There are tips and tricks through out the course that will help the listener create a more comfortable suture line for the patient.
Finally there are demonstrations on using a knottless subcutaneous suture pattern and on the proper use of skin glue.


- How to properly create a square knot.
- How to create a slip knot.
- How to bury a knot at the beginning and end of a continuous subcutaneous pattern.
- Creating a continuous subcutaneous pattern without using a knots.
- Tips and tricks to minimize tissue trauma when suturing
Dr Anne  Sylvestre

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Dr Anne Sylvestre

Dr. Sylvestre is a board certified surgeon with the American and European Colleges of
Veterinary Surgery. She was on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and then the
University of Guelph for several years before leaving academics for private practice.
She spent seven years in a busy mobile surgical practice in Southwestern Ontario.
During this time she was able to really appreciate what the challenges are that general
practitioners deal with on a daily basis. In 2004, she joined others to create a full
service, 24/7 referral hospital in Oakville, allowing her to open a rehabilitation centre
and service a far greater number of animals. In 2002 she formed a continuing
education business with the focus being on practicality and hands on learning for
veterinarians, with some workshops being applicable to technicians as well. Dr.
Sylvestre has since given well over 50 workshops through Focus and Flourish. She has
been invited to speak to many international and regional meetings. She has published
research and clinical papers, book chapters and, electronic books on veterinary surgery
and rehabilitation. Dr. Sylvestre is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner.

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User Reviews (25)

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Ms S W (15 Jun 2020)
Very helpful information
Caitlyn Nielsen (17 May 2020)
The videos were excellent and the voiceovers were very clear and easy to follow
Dr Tara Pogarch (9 May 2020)
Great review of knots. Good clear videos.
Eke-chibuzor Ikechukwu (30 Mar 2020)
Good for doctors
Miss Libby Evans RVN (28 Mar 2020)
Excellent information and instructional videos.
Rosemary Wallis (15 Mar 2020)
Very thorough!!
Natasha Fogg (23 Dec 2019)
This is a great course and everyone should take it to help further their education
Mylene Iemini (4 Oct 2019)
Good explanation, very didactic
Bryan Metoyer (9 Aug 2019)
The information was very thorough
Mrs Kindra Sstewart RVT (3 Apr 2019)
Julia Pasinski (31 Mar 2019)
There are sufficient clear videos to show what is being described. Very helpful.
Ms Lindsay Nelsen (30 Jan 2019)
I felt like there was good information in this video. I wish that an explanation of the knots had been put into words to make it easier to follow along with the video demonstrations.
Katie Shero (11 Nov 2018)
great videos to go along with the written explanations!
VITALI SHAYO (16 Oct 2018)
the course was good especial in practical session
Ilona Dubay (3 Sep 2018)
Very interesting and informative; the only thing that I found missing was titles on every slide. Maybe that is a personal preference, but it helps me keep track with which topic is being discussed and what is the difference comparing to previous one presented.
Mr Richard Klottey Botchway (16 Aug 2018)
Very useful course. It has been an enlightment.
Irish McPherson (30 Jul 2018)
Fouond the videos to be a little choppy I would also like to see different suture patterns
Jetzy Villanueva (29 Jul 2018)
John Lobdell (3 Jul 2018)
very nice video demonstrations
Danica Coltrin (1 Jul 2018)
Very informative. It was nice to have so many videos of Dr. Sylvestre performing these sutures on the animals.
Dr Jodi Holcomb DVM (27 Jun 2018)
I got myself a little bit confused reading the questions but this was very very helpful. Great!
Ms Kelsey Toole (1 Feb 2018)
Very good tips on having secure sutures. Would have maybe liked info on individual types of suture a little bit more. But over all very informative.
Ms Verity Bowman Dip AVN(Surgical)RVN (28 Dec 2017)
Well presented and informative.
Alex Woolley (28 Dec 2017)
Very clear and informative - great resource.
Dr Stephanie Schmidt (3 Nov 2016)
Good review of techniques.


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