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Top 10 Behavioral Tips You Can Implement TODAY!

Top 10 Behavioral Tips You Can Implement TODAY!

Top 10 Behavioral Tips You Can Implement TODAY!

Dr Melissa Bain
Dr Melissa Bain
on behalf of University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine



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Mrs Lucie Bokareva (6 Jan 2021)
very helpful lecture, it's all important for vets$ and thank you very much for the behavioral history form
Josephine Grant (29 Dec 2020)
Course kept having to reload.content good
KAREN Fischer (25 Dec 2020)
Good overall preview of starting to think about behavior

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Incorporation of behavior into veterinary practice is part of the standard of care, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. This webinar gives learners a taste of things that veterinary practitioners and their staff can begin to incorporate into their everyday practice.


Learning objectives
• Learners will understand the impact of behavior in practice.
• Learners will understand the financial importance of incorporating behavior into practice.
• Learners will understand some examples of how to incorporate behavior into practice.
Dr Melissa Bain

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Dr Melissa Bain
on behalf of University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Melissa Bain is board-certified by both the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists ( and the American College of Animal Welfare (, and is the Chief of Service of the Clinical Animal Behavior Service at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She received her DVM from the University of Illinois in 1994, and worked in both a small animal exclusive veterinary practice in the Chicago area and a mixed animal veterinary practice in rural Wisconsin. In 2007, she completed a Master’s degree in advanced clinical research from the UC Davis School of Medicine. She is a past president of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Her responsibilities include student and resident education, clinical case management, and research. Her areas of research focus have been clinical domestic animal behavior problems and human-animal bond issues, including research on dog-parks and the effects of different training methods on the behavior of dogs.

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User Reviews (142)

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Mrs Lucie Bokareva (6 Jan 2021)
very helpful lecture, it's all important for vets$ and thank you very much for the behavioral history form
Josephine Grant (29 Dec 2020)
Course kept having to reload.content good
KAREN Fischer (25 Dec 2020)
Good overall preview of starting to think about behavior
Adrian Russell (14 Dec 2020)
Actually this is quite good. Starts you thinking about options for your technicians and staff, along with yourself.
Miguel Carvalho (14 Dec 2020)
Very detailed and useful information provided! Looking forward to more presentations like this
Mr Robert Karolides B.S., CVT, RLATG (9 Dec 2020)
Very helpful .Great information!
Dr Jean Beau DVM (5 Dec 2020)
I expected different tips
Ella Ahearn (3 Dec 2020)
Very good information and presentation. Helpful and practical.
Christina Martini (22 Nov 2020)
Very valuable practical information. Going to order those cat boxes today!
Ms Elizabeth Attle LVMT (21 Nov 2020)
Very informative. Touched on some good topics, and I loved the techniques that were shared.
alexander jackson (2 Nov 2020)
very informative
Kristin Barron (30 Oct 2020)
There was good information presented and it is a great reminder to pay attention to behavior.
Catherine Otorowski (24 Oct 2020)
Tech. Issue. had to press play for every slide
Micaela Planas Risi (16 Oct 2020)
I enjoyed this class, thank you !
John Lobdell (4 Oct 2020)
Easy to integrate into practice
Dr Hal Hicks (13 Sep 2020)
practical info
Anita Hesse (12 Sep 2020)
Many basic concepts. The low stress handling video was very helpful.
Alejandra Lopez Irala (30 Jul 2020)
Love the tips!
Seyed Amin Ghasrfakhri (23 Jul 2020)
was very good. I interested
Mrs Cynthia Gohier (8 Jun 2020)
Great! A little long but I really enjoyed the section about the hide/perch/go box. What a fantastic idea.
Ms Ally Rennhack RVT (4 Jun 2020)
Great information on getting started and changing "get 'er done" culture.
Julieth Rojas (29 May 2020)
Great course, very useful information. Thanks.
Lesley Van Duinen (30 Apr 2020)
The course had practical tips for changes that could be implemented today.
Nicole Labadie (16 Apr 2020)
This course did have some good information and I appreciated that it identified resources for further learning. However, I would have preferred if the webinar had picked one topic and gone into depth on that.
MaKayla Jones (7 Apr 2020)
It was helpful in teaching me about animal behaviors and how to deal with them
Caitlynn West (3 Apr 2020)
Lots of good information here and tips for things you can do right now to make your practice and staff more aware and behavior friendly.
Mrs Jennifer Johnson LVT (1 Apr 2020)
there were some good points for consideration.
Ms Margaret Petersen CVT (23 Mar 2020)
Very informative.
Leona Cerbone (18 Mar 2020)
Excellent suggestions on how to incorporate general behavior modification into general practice situations
Sidney dela Torre (24 Feb 2020)
The webinar was very informative for me. I will definitely read up on "Decoding your dog." The demo of Dr. Yin on how to countercondition the fearful dog is very helpful. I'm excited to teach my assistant on how we can perform that on our patients.
Morgan Adair (21 Feb 2020)
Interesting topic points covered just to keep in mind when working with patients and clients
Mrs Alexis Hampton RVT (14 Feb 2020)
Lindsay Natale (30 Jan 2020)
I need help. I did the course reading and no exam. How do I complete to get certificate of completion?
Kazuha Murai (7 Jan 2020)
nice course of behavior study in one hour. Waitng for more behavior problem solving cases.
Sarah Sementelli (2 Jan 2020)
The slides were a little "choppy" but it had some interesting tactic that could be useful
kimber ritchey (31 Dec 2019)
Enjoyable. Gave some ideas on how to bring more income into practice.
Jennifer Douglass (19 Dec 2019)
Not a lot of practical new information.
Tamara Hills (7 Dec 2019)
Taylor Lahr (6 Dec 2019)
A lot of good information. Some was basic while some of the other information opened up talking points for more in-depth discussions. I think she made a lot of good points that would be useful to not only vets/techs but also clients.
James McMinn (2 Dec 2019)
I really enjoyed the video with Dr. Yin and I will be looking into her techniques more and implementing them into my practice in the near future. Thanks!
Emily Norvaisis (16 Nov 2019)
Looking for to future talks.
McKenzie Harman (7 Nov 2019)
Comprehensive behavioral tips and suggestions.
Dr McLean Gunderson DVM (14 Oct 2019)
Thought this was beneficial. Learned a few new things, and reinforced some of the concepts I had heard before.
Meredith Campbell (12 Oct 2019)
Good information on low stress handling
Dr Kevin Templeman DVM (4 Oct 2019)
GOod general information, some specific tips and tricks
Lisa Carter (27 Sep 2019)
Very simplistic but very well presented
Miss Alexis Wentz RVT (19 Sep 2019)
Great tips and advice on creating a safe, comfortable environment for clients and pets.
Neil Schwab (17 Sep 2019)
Excellent information!
Shari Krygsheld (26 Aug 2019)
Lots of good information here!
Dr John Cheda DVM (24 Aug 2019)
Excellent course.Please do more webinars for CE credit. Thank You
Mrs CATHERINE LEE (4 Aug 2019)
Essy to follow presentation.
Dr Thomas McGowan (26 Jul 2019)
Informational, and was well done.
Nouman Tahir (22 Jul 2019)
It was a good informational webinar. I am looking forward to more such webinars.
Dr agnes benamou-smith (10 Jun 2019)
Not technical, but an interesting course to encourage vets to include behaviour as a tool in their practice, both within their staff, and as a new consultation topic for owners.
Ignacio Calleros (30 May 2019)
Well Explained.
anna miller (11 May 2019)
Easy to implement
Miss Megan Williams (10 May 2019)
Teaches you how to handle certain situations and what tools to use
Ms Sarah Withers (3 May 2019)
Low stress is always the goal, but very hard to put into practice without training. This CE is very clear and informative. Great videos too.
Daphne Grace (13 Apr 2019)
Gave the basics
Kaleigh Alexander (28 Mar 2019)
Always nice to have a reminder about low stress handling and how to handle behavior issues.
Elizabeth Arn (14 Feb 2019)
This was a very nicely put together. I am a vet tech and also a certified professional Groomer. I enjoyed the clip videos and the knowledge that it doesn't take that much more time to deliver services that are less stressful for the pets and staff.
Ms Laura Aylesworth (31 Jan 2019)
I got even more ideas of how to help me figure out what speciality to start getting into. This was very helpful
Dr Reham Khalil (30 Jan 2019)
valuable information
Ms Liane Ehrich CVT (31 Dec 2018)
Good overview of how to implement behavior into everyday practice
Valerie Schreffler (30 Dec 2018)
Very informative
Jennifer Smith (30 Dec 2018)
Good Info
Kaye Krueger (8 Dec 2018)
not enough specific information, very general
Miss Claudia Bonilla (7 Dec 2018)
Very informative and applicable to a small animal setting.
Traci Mackey (15 Nov 2018)
I think this lecture used the basic information that you would need in order in start implementing behavior education in your practice. It is good to be educated in this area and to bring more awareness to this important topic that is often overlooked.
Nicole Seamans (1 Nov 2018)
Information presented was good, the execution was poor. The speaker obviously had not practiced beforehand and seemed to have difficulty getting her thoughts together.
Ms kelly riedmiller RVT (28 Aug 2018)
It was very annoying and time consuming to initiate every section. Ugh
Dr Brenda Lobbezoo (28 Aug 2018)
This course is more about the importance of launching behavior programs in practical application, and less about working through specific problems in pet behavior. Good discussion.
Ms Tracy Pinney (28 Aug 2018)
I'm not good at learning with people just talking to me. I prefer actually being involved or reading. That being said, I'm sure this course is right for some people. I like to do things at my own pace and this doesn't really allow for that.
Mason Beasley (21 Aug 2018)
Great introduction to behavioral issues within the veterinary industry and how to address them!
Jessica Claudio (12 Aug 2018)
This course provides essential tips with respect to animal handling and safety that will allow patients to feel more comfortable and behave better.
Anna cseri (4 Aug 2018)
Good information about behavior and tips for in the clinic.
Blaze Fullbrook (31 Jul 2018)
Nothing on the list really caught my attention as thought provoking or something that I hadn't already heard of, though all still valid tips. Likely a good introduction for people new to behaviour.
Ms Joanne Buitenhuis RVT (26 Jul 2018)
good references - gives options for help with behaviour concerns
Ms Alaina Martin (23 Jul 2018)
Very impressed with how far animal behavior has come and more excited about how much more there is that we can do.
Ivy Sudduth (18 Jul 2018)
Excellent course. Great speaker. Lots of things to consider moving forward
Mrs Jennifer Crook (10 Jul 2018)
This is a great webinar.
Melissa Jones (28 Jun 2018)
Not much actual content.
Stacy Farkouh (25 Jun 2018)
Good basic review
Joe Ferguson (22 Jun 2018)
Very informative.
Haleigh Russell (21 Jun 2018)
extremely helpful, Definitely will be sharing some of these tips!!
Carlee Gini (13 Jun 2018)
This was extremely helpful and informative!!
Mrs Lisa Rummel CVT (13 Jun 2018)
excellent source of information for any dog or cat handler in a veterinary setting
Benjamin Dick (10 Jun 2018)
Very practical
Dawn Jernigan (8 Jun 2018)
I found this course very informative and helpful.
April Evans (22 May 2018)
Loved this course! Very Helpful!
Sandi Vesay (15 May 2018)
Basic and easy to implement to educate staff and patient guardians.
Bruce Ferguson (9 May 2018)
Still very simplistic..
Dr Ahmed Y Mohamed (3 May 2018)
Didn't have a lot of new information to me, however, I learned some new techniques for everyday practice.
Dr Lisa Hassinger Dvm (29 Apr 2018)
Didn't give me a lot of information I didn't already know.
Beth Bilharz (26 Apr 2018)
Learned new valuable techniques for every day interaction.
erica adams (18 Apr 2018)
There were a lot of great tips for dealing with some of the patients that come to out clinic. It is also helpful to know the appropriate way to charge for behavioral consults/appointments in the future.
Dr Susan Petro DVM (6 Apr 2018)
Well done. Good resources. I learned a few valuable new things.
Heidi Carpenter (30 Mar 2018)
I believe that implementing calming behavior techniques in practice everyday is one of the best places to start in order to achieve the best veterinary care.
Randy Jones (21 Mar 2018)
very good/informative. Made me want to learn more and check out resources offered.
Natalie Reinhart (18 Mar 2018)
She gave links on where to get more information and book references
Jamie Krenk (14 Mar 2018)
Good refresher course.
Mary Wall (27 Feb 2018)
Enjoyed it
Dr Robert Herath D.V.M. (22 Feb 2018)
Enjoyed hearing a specialist in behavior. Her concepts certainly would help all of us on the front lines.
Kimberly Jurman (19 Feb 2018)
sound was too low on my system
Katherime Drucker (9 Feb 2018)
Behavior training and low stress pet handling is key to happy pets and happy clients!
Amanda Tharpe (1 Feb 2018)
This was a very beneficial topic. I enjoyed the course and look forward to taking others in future.
Dr James Sillers (31 Jan 2018)
Stressed charging for this service.
Dr David Loehndorf (26 Jan 2018)
This course outlines what any veterinary practice can do to help their clients and patients to address behavior issues.
Tammy White (26 Jan 2018)
Easy changes to implement. Good resource.
Ms alexxis ortega (25 Jan 2018)
Very good found it very useful!
Dr Robert Pierce DVM (25 Jan 2018)
Good start on developing a behavior focus to your practice.
Jessica English (20 Jan 2018)
Good information, hard to follow though as the audio was not matching up with the slides being shown
Christine Fogu (19 Jan 2018)
Honestly, I found this presentation a bit painful. Most sections were under a minute and had to be changed and started every time I needed to continue with the modules. It would have been better and less painful to navigate if the presentation was better put together and had a better straight forward flow.
Amanda Oyer (14 Jan 2018)
Videos within the slide show didn't work very well. But all in all great information! Will be passing link on to vet friends.
Dr Phillip Dilts (31 Dec 2017)
Very practical.
Haroutun Aruchyan (30 Dec 2017)
Laura Knipfer (29 Dec 2017)
Although Dr Bain was easy to listen to, the information presented was way too basic in my opinion. I will perhaps have higher hopes for some of the next in her series.
Dr David Hertha DVM (29 Dec 2017)
Good information, easy listening and well worth the time!!
Brooke Gibson (29 Dec 2017)
very helpful
Ryan Ayres (28 Dec 2017)
A good general overview but was hoping to get more specific ways to incorporate less stress in exam rooms. More practical useful knowledge. LIKE TIPS FOR THE FEARFUL DOG THAT COME SINTO THE VETERINARY OFFICE TECHNIQUE STO HELP THAT. Did like the reinforcement that need to charge if owners are wanting behavior advice instead of devaluing our services by giving advice.
Priscilla Flinn (28 Dec 2017)
Good ideas for providing a calming environment.
Sal Tuzzo (20 Dec 2017)
Presentation was well executed and provided good information.
Ms Caroline Cronin LVT (23 Jun 2017)
I feel empowered to start a behavior appointment and low stress handling in my practice
joshua fleming (10 May 2017)
I thought that this was a great training. Very nicely presented.
Ms Trishia Mackey (1 May 2017)
Good training
Mrs Katie Koppelberger (9 Mar 2017)
great information, a lot of ideas!
Mr Thomas Wassersleben (7 Mar 2017)
Nice presentation. Slides and video demonstrations easy to follow. Dr. Bain is a very good speaker.
Dr Christina Armour DVM (26 Feb 2017)
great overview of changes that can be made during every exam.
Dr Stacii Comstock DVM (11 Jan 2017)
Good presentation and good tips for those who may be interested in starting behavioral medicine at their clinic.
Dr Cynthia Reed CVT, MD (30 Dec 2016)
Good recommendations.
Dr Todd Lykins (26 Dec 2016)
Easy hour to listen too
Miss Renee Singh Esther (14 Dec 2016)
this was a very well prepare video that offered me huge amounts of useful information that i can use while doing my job.
Miss Sara Novak CVT (2 Dec 2016)
Good basic introduction of behavior in the field of veterinary medicine. Looking forward to additional webinars that provide more detailed information, examples, and implementation tips on topics introduced today.
Miss Julie Vonderschmidt (17 Nov 2016)
This was very educational!
Miss Ferran Harston (15 Nov 2016)
I enjoyed this lecture because so many clients have behavioral questions and we should be able to answer them better than the internet can!
Ms Cheryl Bobbitt RVT (14 Nov 2016)
Mrs Judy Lambert RVT (4 Nov 2016)
I really liked this and i think we need more info about behaviour!
Ms Kristiana DellaPosta CVT (3 Nov 2016)
great info in a decent amount of time- key ideas!
Dr Crystal Fricks DVM (30 Oct 2016)
I would like to see this seminar broken up and given more specific recommendations per topic.
Dr Molly Luke (25 Oct 2016)
Miss Nina McCormick (22 Oct 2016)
Very helpful
Ms Frances Bell RVN (21 Oct 2016)
Great brief overview of why to build more focus on behaviour into our clinic health checks


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